Friday, July 15, 2016

OpenBCI Radio Configuration Utility

In an upcoming firmware update, the OpenBCI radio dongle will be able to receive certain commands. They include:
  • Getting Radio Channels of Board and Dongle
  • Setting Radio Channel of Board and Dongle (1-25)
  • Setting Radio Channel of Dongle (1-25) (Channel Override)
  • Getting the Poll time
  • Setting the Poll time (0-255)
  • Setting the BAUD rate to default (115200)
  • Setting the BAUD rate to high (230400)
  • Getting the System Status
In order to bring these features to the forefront, I have created a utility in which users can do all of these features and more. This will be useful for users not familiar with serial communication, and will probably end up being integrated directly into the OpenBCI GUI.

The configuration utility

As you can see I've also added an "autoscan" and "autoconnect" feature. Autoscan is used to scan through any given channels and automatically connect you to your OpenBCI board. Autoconnect will simply look through all your USB devices and automatically connect to your OpenBCI board.

You clone the repo of the utility here. Note that in order to use this repo you need to update your board and radio SDK to the newest release. Guides on how to do this will be available on the OpenBCI documentation area shortly. 

That's it! This utility should be useful for anyone who changes the settings of their board frequently. Not for your average user but still useful! 

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